Mr Sanjay Kumar Sinha

Nutan Construction, & Nutan Green Homes Pvt. Ltd.

The life of Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha is the shining example of today’s emerging Bihar in on emerging India. It is the success story of a middle-class boy who, without many resources, built a legacy of business environment and took it to the highest global standards. And his journey continues.

Mr.Sinha stewardship and dedication of his team has led to the success story of Nutan Construction, But success did not come easy to Mr. Sinha. In fact, Mr. Sinha’s guiding principle remains “Don’t chase money, do a good job and move on, money will chase you.”Born into a middle-class family of Mr. Dharmendra Prasad Singh , a Government officer and Mr. Sinha studied in Governments schools& Colleges in the city of Patna, Bihar.

Mr. Sihna’s mother, Mrs. Kanti Devi, has been the biggest inspiration for him. Through her, he imbibed the values of truthfulness, hard-work, dedication, Commitment and humanity.


Registration Certificate of Project

This registration is granted under section 5 to the following project under

Project registration number : BRERAP00041-1/17/R4/2018
Project Name : Lotus abode (Ongoing Project)
Project Address : Sainik Colony Gola Road Bailey Road, Sub division : Danapur, Dist - Patna